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The  Founder

(Late) Shaikh Fazal ur Rehman

It was a self imposed responsibility and commitment by a young and innovative, enterpreneur (Late) Shaikh Fazal ur Rahman (1920-2006) to provide the clean, hygienic and smart attire to the people of newly born nation called Pakistan.

He was the one who initiated the awareness about the importance of personal tidiness and hygiene of every individual, with out which a healthy society can not be established.

Now after 6 decades this responsibility is been inherited by his Third generation in line, who are the proud responsible and successful flag carrier of this mission called “The duty towards a clean & healthy society”.

The Managing Director

Mr. Shakil ur Rahman.

At Snowhite, we believe that it is vision, team work, leadership and single minded devotion to clear goals, which keep us on the top. We have built a service culture based on one target- “Clean & Healthy attire for every one“.

As a proud team leader of dedicated and committed staff with one slogan. “Quailty through Service Excellence” Ilook forward to more successful years to come, where Sky is the limit.

(Shakil ur Rahman)